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  Rocky Darius - Crypto Trading Mastery Course
Posted by: win7dl - 08-03-2017, 03:54 PM - Forum: Downloads - Replies (1)

[Image: f59cc2473d35578f2f4c97cfccf0f179.jpg]

Rocky Darius - Crypto Trading Mastery Course
WEBRip | English | MP4 + PDF Guides | 1680 x 1048 | AVC ~792 Kbps | 30 fps
AAC | 132 Kbps | 44.1 KHz | 2 channels | 03:38:33 | 6.09 GB

Genre: Video Tutorial / Business, Investing
Do you want to multiply your income stream by trading bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? This course will teach you how to trade Bitcon and other cryptocurrencies so you can profit from the fast-growing digital currency revolution! Over the past 5 years, the cryptocurrency market has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry, which has created many multi-millionaires along the way. And new opportunities are popping up every month. From ICO's (initial coin offerings) to blockchain products and services, new crypto investors, traders and entrepreneurs have the opportunity to participate in this exciting market.

Top venture capitalists and angel investors have recently invested over $1 billion into cryptocurrency startups. Everyone from startups in Silicon Valley to Wall Street is excited about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Don't miss out on the cryptocurrency revolution that's going to offer unprecedented opportunities for investors, traders, developers, and entrepreneurs!


Trading foundation of all the basics: exchanges, charts and trading tools
How to build a trading plan, including entries, position sizing, targets and an exit strategy
Conducting fundamental analysis to find innovative tech and the next hot market
Using technical analysis to quantify price and determine future probabilities
Understanding crypto market cycles and timing your execution of trades
How to manage risk to minimize losses and maximize gains
A variety of effective crypto trading strategies

Welcome to Crypto Trading Mastery

Introduction to the Course

Module 1: History and Analysis of the Top Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin (BTC, XBT)
Ethereum (ETH)
Litecoin (LTC)
Monero (XMR)

Module 2: Crypto Trading Foundation

How to Read Price Charts
Coinigy Tutorial
Risk Management
Security and Counterparty Risk
Managing Emotions
Poloniex: How to Trade and Short Altcoins
BitMEX: How to Trade Futures Contracts

Module 3: Fundamental Analysis

Creating Value
CTM Coin Research Checklist
ICO Research Checklist

Module 4: Technical Analysis

Market Cycles
How to Read Emotion in the Charts
Continuation Patterns
Reversal Patterns
Reversal Candles
Momentum Indicators
Anticipatory vs Reactionary Trades
Steps to Identify Early Bullish Reversals

Module 5: Trading Strategies

Risk Management: Position Sizing and Stop Orders
Swing Trading: Accumulation
Swing Trading: Breakouts
Bounce Plays
Shorting the Sweet Spot
Live Scalping Example
Market Making
Trading ICOs
Early Adoptor Strategy
News Events

[Image: 42958671732e67f1e5812429cbecc6b5.jpg]

[Image: 8bde7402b1c25b69060f9e6278a0cb64.jpg]

[Image: 001bc0621adc5c6fa7a65ef40e1aecba.jpg]

[Image: c72f32a3d427eaef36e3d2a543c2b96d.jpg]

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  Dan Kennedy - Event Hacks
Posted by: win7dl - 08-03-2017, 03:48 PM - Forum: Downloads - No Replies

[Image: 1c8ea447129159f07c3faf9fbfa3cd4d.jpg]

Dan Kennedy - Event Hacks
WEBRip | English | MP4 + MP3 + PDF Guides | 1920 x 1080 | AVC ~4500 Kbps | 29.970 fps
AAC | 256 Kbps | 48.0 KHz | 2 channels | 05:23:46 | 13.85 GB

Genre: Video Tutorial / Business, Sales, Marketing
Dear Savvy Entrepreneur or Business Owner, Listen, it's hard to attract top-quality customers these days. Sure, there are new ways to get customers through social media, Facebook and text messages, but you tend to get a "mixed bag" of customers. Some of them are motivated at getting results and will invest a lot of money with you through your high-ticket packages, but most of them aren't serious, are price-resistant and will eventually leave you - perhaps to go to a competitor.

That leaves you constantly having to invest your valuable marketing dollars to replace the customers who left you. Plus you have to go through the PAIN of filtering out the good, motivated customers...and "throwing out" all the duds because you don't have a system for separating your ideal, "slam dunk" customers from the rest.

But what if you possessed a time-tested and proven "secret strategy" that automatically attracts the "top 1%" of customers who are motivated to get results, forms a "virtual fence" around them so that they'll never leave you, and easily moves them to your high-ticket packages without any buying resistance?

It's All About Putting On LIVE Events - The Secret

"X-Factor" That GKIC Has Been Using For The Past 27 Years To Influence, Impact And Retain Customers

You see, putting on a LIVE event-whether it's a large seminar, a small workshop, an intimate retreat, or something in between-is the most powerful marketing strategy you could possibly have in your arsenal.

For example, it enables you to quickly ascend your customers and clients into your high-priced programs. We regularly use our annual SuperConference℠, Info-SUMMIT℠, and our Fast Implementation Bootcamps to "move" our customers into our $12,000-and-up Coaching and Mastermind groups.

This would be virtually impossible if we ran things from a distance and stuck with the usual marketing tactics like email, social media, webinars, and direct mail.

Plus putting on LIVE events allows you to create better customers. A customer is far more likely to stay beyond a year, beyond two years, and beyond three years vs. if they just heard from you just through email, livecasts and social media.

For example, our "lifers"-people who have been with us for 5, 10, 15 even 20 years-have all attended our live events early on, and continue to attend them frequently.

Why? Because holding a live event allows your customers to get close to you and "bond" with you and your brand. This is a level of interaction and intimacy that simply cannot be replicated with livecasts, webinars, emails, and social media.

Event Hacks contains the keys to kingdom when it comes to planning, filling, and monetizing a powerhouse event. You'll discover our EXACT blueprint-including action plans, budget worksheets, marketing strategies, and monetization strategies it would otherwise take you years to create and "figure out" on your own.

This is the official playbook we use every 2-3 months to fill our SuperConference℠, Info-SUMMIT℠, and Fast Implementation Bootcamps, that you can easily "copy and paste" for your own events. In other words, we've already done most of the "hard work" for you-just use what we've already invested years and millions of dollars to test, tweak and refine.

Imagine what it would be like to have a roomful of your "raving fans" who traveled either across town or across the country to see you. Just imagine how much bigger your bank account will look once you pulled off a blockbuster event.

And think about the "unfair advantage" you'll get over your competitors who don't have these proven Event Hacks-who aren't going to add live events to their market mix.

You'll be able to enjoy a pleasant, worry free, stress-free business life because you'll have the most powerful marketing tool you'll ever have that'll allow you to get, retain, influence and "weed out" your top 1% customers from the rest of the pack...

...something that is almost impossible with practically any other marketing method!

[Image: e0fc0aa9b7e5bf030693d296c2d98d9d.jpg]

[Image: 4d075b5adaed323375dc4475c2df9650.jpg]

[Image: 2bb69ae9e11b70b84b8779cd8a9f844c.jpg]

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  Anton Kraly - Dropship Lifestyle 5.0 (Basic Version)
Posted by: win7dl - 08-03-2017, 03:46 PM - Forum: Downloads - No Replies

[Image: 6cea7c65b67b7d234614c125175d9e2a.jpg]

Anton Kraly - Dropship Lifestyle 5.0
WEBRip | English | MP4 + PDF Guides | 1280 x 720 | AVC ~216 Kbps | 23.976 fps
AAC | 147 Kbps | 48.0 KHz | 2 channels | 16:29:20 | 5.46 GB
Genre: Video Tutorial / Business, Net: E-Commerce

DS Blueprints Our 7, step-by-step, Core Modules that teach you how to create a drop shipping business from scratch. 7 simple steps to an automated online store. This course contains the fundamentals. It has everything you need to know so you can go from zero eCommerce knowledge to knowing exactly how to set up a profitable business. We are more than just a coaching program. We are a community. These methods worked in 2007 when I got started, and they STILL work today. The videos were updated in 2016. It's a step-by-step process that is so simple that anyone can follow it.

Pay Per Click Adwrods Course

Over 4 hours of video modules created by the paid traffic expert management team, Search Scientists, so you can also be an expert in driving traffic to your store.

Learn from the industry expert Michael Erickson

Get Traffic The Right Way

A major part of having an eCommerce store is driving traffic. This course makes AdWords simple, taking you step-by-step and teaching you how to spend your ad dollars wisely.

Learn From A Professional.We have Michael Erickson, the founder of an online PPC agency called Search Scientist, walk you through everything. This course will show you how to use PPC affectively, so you never spend money on ads irresponsibly.

Our Community

3500 active members ready to help out, motivate, and talk all things eCommerce.

Get Help Growing Your Business

Connect With People Who Won't Let You Quit

Be plugged into our supportive community. 24 hours a day/7 days per week, we have members on all corners of the globe here for you. We're all holding each other accountable and making sure we all succeed.

This Is Where the Magic Happens. If you are looking to for a community of successful eCommerce entrepreneurs to help you on your journey, look no further. This is where business partnerships start, connections are made, and lifelong friendships are established.

Bonus Modules

Watch retreat presentations, eCommerce guru interviews, and even a full Importing Course when you are ready to jump into new endeavors!

Once you've built a profitable drop shipping store, there are still ways to grow your business. This course goes through the step-by-step process for sourcing products, importing them, and creating your own brand.

Learn the ins and outs on freight shipping, product development, and how to get your competitors to sell your products for you.

Shopify Video Course

An in depth course that will walk you through setting up, designing, and fully optimizing your Shopify store, so you can build your website from the ground up without writing any code.

Building a website doesn't have to be hard. In fact, it can be really easy. Thanks why we have a course that walks you through the process step-by-step.

No Design or Coding Experience Needed You don't need to be an IT geek to know how to build a website from scratch. You don't even need to know bow code. This course shows you exactly how to build a beautiful website the simple way.


Buy and sell websites between Drop Ship Lifestyle Members.

Sell To A Trusted Drop Ship Lifestyle Member. So you've built your drop shipping store and you're making consistent revenue, now what? If you want to cash in, we've got a market place where people buy and sell stores. Since it's only DSL members, everyone in the market place is screened and trustworthy.

Buy A Successful Store And Start Making Money ASAP . Have some cash saved up and ready to start making passive income? You can buy existing stores from our current members and start running your own business ASAP.

Here's What You Get When You Enroll In Drop Ship Lifestyle 5.0 Today:


The basic modules to get you started if you are still unsure if this is for you.

Drop Ship Lifestyle Blueprint Course
Shopify Design Course
Adwords for eCommerce Course
DSL Members Online Community
Custom Shopify Theme

[Image: e7035509496b72c2bb9d1a903378076d.jpg]

[Image: 0e745f7f4cbbaf64deec2e8efe65ed20.jpg]

[Image: 35eb73cce95e8fd8326c30b8b2ab2346.jpg]

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  Stefan Pylarinos - K Money Mastery 2
Posted by: win7dl - 07-20-2017, 12:12 AM - Forum: Downloads - No Replies

[Image: 1d9dcb1874f952f02ab48f3c6fd33e58.jpg]

Stefan Pylarinos - K Money Mastery 2
WEBRip | English | MP4 + PDF Guides | 640 x 378 | AVC ~189 Kbps | 30 fps
AAC | 103 Kbps | 48.0 KHz | 2 channels | ~40 hours | 13.33 GB
Genre: Video Tutorial / Business, Sales, Marketing
K Money Mastery was originally launched back in 2013. I created the program because I had so many people (friends, family and followers) ask for help to get started making money online. I taught them Kindle publishing, simply because it was the easiest and fastest way that I knew a beginner could get started making passive income.

Since 2013, I've had a lot of members go through K Money Mastery. I was blown away by the success and the effectiveness of the program, as I've seen countless members make thousands of dollars per month online from Kindle publishing.

We've even had members that have gone beyond what I ever could have imagined, shattering my own limiting beliefs, by earning $10,000 per month, and even a few over-achievers making over $20,000 per month from K Money Mastery!

I've committed to improve K Money Mastery, month after month, however it was time to do an entire re-haul of the entire program. I wanted to do this because:

1) I wanted to make sure all of the videos and lessons were updated and relevant to how Amazon and Kindle has evolved.

2) I wanted to add more value to my existing members, by giving them access to K Money Mastery 2.0 for FREE!

3) I wanted to ensure I have the best, #1 Kindle training program out there and stay king of the hill.

Over the years, I've had people gone and steal the materials in K Money Mastery and attempt to sell it as their own training. It's been frustrating, but it's something that has come along with the success of the program. If anything, I take it as a compliment.

I saw countless "knock offs" appear and I wanted to make sure that K Money Mastery remains the "go to" program for Kindle publishing. I can confidently say it is, that nothing comes close.

Dear passive income lover,

Look, I'm not a pHd. I got a C in language arts/English. So I left it to someone better than me at writing, to write all 100+ of my books, for practically pennies!

These are the books that make me $8k+/mo on autopilot!

There are a lot of great writers out there who are out of work. They will write great books for next to nothing!

The key is knowing where to find them ?

When I combine their books with my Kindle secrets, we have a recipe for success nearly 100% of the time.

All you need to do is copy my exact, step-by-step method, and collect your checks.​

How Would You Like To Have
These Earnings In Your Account?

Of course I don't expect you to just take my word for it...

Student Feedback
Here's What Our Students Say About
"K Money Mastery"

*The following videos are from actual students and are not paid actors.

K Money Mastery Is The
Most Proven Step-By-Step System
For Making Money With
Kindle Publishing
K Money Mastery 2.0
I will take you by the hand and show you step-by-step how you can finally make a killing just by selling Kindle e-books that will generate passive income, month after month.

Best of all is that you can start applying my profit-inducing system in just five minutes from now...

Even If You're A Complete Newbie!
You don't even need to write the books yourself.
Someone else will do it for you!

K Money Mastery
Is The "Complete Package"
Here's What You're Getting
In This Everything You Need To Know System...

Lesson 1: Finding A Profitable Niche
Lesson 2: Keyword Research
Lesson 3: Creating A Title That Sells
Lesson 4: Design A Cover That Sells
Lesson 5: Kindle Book Creation
Lesson 6: Preparing Your Book For Publishing
Lesson 7: Creating A KDP Account
Lesson 8: Publishing Your Book On Kindle
Lesson 9: Viewing Your Kindle Book
Lesson 10: Getting Amazon Reviews
Lesson 11: Marketing Your Book On KDP Select
​Lesson 12: Using Twitter & Facebook To Promote Your Book
Lesson 13: Additional Book Promotion Strategies
Lesson 14: Boosting Your Amazon Keyword Rankings
Lesson 15: Setting Up Your Amazon Author Central Account
Lesson 16: Monetizing Your Kindle Book
Lesson 17: Creating A Series Of Books & Monetizing The Back-End
Lesson 18: Dealing With Negative Reviews
Lesson 19: Scaling Up Your Kindle Books And Making More Money
Lesson 20: How To Make Your Books Profitable Long-Term
Lesson 21: How To Track, Manage & Optimize Your Kindle Books

K Money Mastery Is Jam Packed With Over "30+ In Depth" Video Lessons That Guide You Step-By-Step

Practically Every Lesson Inside K Money Mastery Has Downloadable PDF "Lesson Worksheets" To Help You Along The Way


Access To My Personal Tool Box Listing All Of The Tools & Resources I Use To Run My Kindle Business
Plus, I'm Giving You My 100% Satisfaction Risk Free 30 Day Money Back GUARANTEE!

And That's Not All!
I've Included These Strategic BONUS LESSONS
To Help Maximize Your Success...
BONUS 1: Automation And Outsourcing With Virtual Assistants
BONUS 2: Goal Setting For Kindle Publishing
BONUS 3: Kindle Publishing Mindset & Philosophy For Success

BONUS 4: Kindle Publishing Ritual For Scaling Up
BONUS 5: Non-US Tax Requirements
BONUS 6: Creating A Corporation Or LLC For Your Kindle Business
BONUS 7: Accounting Basics For Your Kindle Business
As you can see...
K Money Mastery IS NOT
one of those "glaze over the details" ebooks.
I'm going to take you behind the curtain and show you exactly how to setup a Kindle Publishing Business of your own, step-by-step, so you can enjoy more time freedom and passive income.

More Student Reviews...
Let's Hear What Other Students Say About
"K Money Mastery"

*The following videos are from actual students and are not paid actors.

As I said before, this is more than your typical Kindle e-book program stuffed with affiliate links and NO value.

This is a mind-blowing course that will AMAZE you with the effective system I personally developed over the years.

It Simply Works Like A Charm!

Let's Review What You're Getting...
How to find a profitable niche that you can exploit to YOUR advantage.
The proper way to select a category for your book.
How you can create a title and a cover that sells like crazy.
The easiest way to create your cash-producing Kindle e-book and publish it lightning fast.
Cool techniques that will help you get raving positive reviews.
Effective methods to successfully market your new and profitable Kindle e-books.
How you can use Facebook and Twitter for massive exposure and inject massive sales into you Kindle publisher account.
Why (and how) monetizing your Kindle e-books can double the money you can make.
What you can do with negative reviews and how to manage the situation effectively.
How to quickly and rapidly expand your new business with more e-books.
Over 30+ insightful, step-by-step videos with downloadable PDF reports summarizing the lessons.
Seven amazing bonus lessons designed to maximize your Kindle publishing business success.
Outstanding customer support that will answer your questions and be there when you need us.
Access to the private members' area which is regularly updated with new content.
I'm confident that K Money Mastery will help you take
your Kindle Publishing business to the next level,
Beyond Any Other Course You've Seen...
And I stand behind it with my 30 Day,
100% Risk Free, Money Back Guarantee...

[Image: 2184c07f2232b18700c69c86e92e4f93.jpg]

[Image: 841a4a47b335ff7a0b96bd28cb63d213.jpg]

[Image: 8f252984129b4c06030969d31ebb077d.jpg]

[Image: 7c377f10cf2d58a3b6611c3008dfcda4.jpg]

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  Online Business Strategies for Total Beginners
Posted by: win7dl - 07-20-2017, 12:10 AM - Forum: Downloads - No Replies

[Image: 256ceb368d96bf8093d1c877300e48a7.jpg]

Online Business Strategies for Total Beginners
MP4 | Video: AVC 1280x720 | Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch | Duration: 3.5 Hours | Lec: 21 | 231 MB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English

Learn the basics of starting your business online with these simple videos

Searching for an Easy to Follow, Up-to-Date Course To Initiate You in Making Money Online?

Angry at The World Because You Just Don't Know Where To Start?

Not Sure How To Monetize Your Existing Website/Blog or YouTube Channel?

If that's you, then you need this course more than you need air.

Look, I'm a normal guy, just like you and most people you know. I don't like to think of myself as a "marketing guru" as many experts call themselves. Then only thing that I have been privileged with, is to work for about 10 years in the advertising industry and test out dozens of ideas in tens of markets and see what works and what doesn't.


Well it's simple...instead of you spending thousands of dollars if not more on advertising to learn from your own mistakes, you will skip all the headaches I had and my years of trial and error. Consider this course your head-ache pill that you take before even feeling any pain.

And just to make sure...

[Image: 7dafb0f41e367342e0f0fa3a0d86033d.jpg]

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  Tanner Fox - Amazon Seller Mastery
Posted by: win7dl - 07-20-2017, 12:08 AM - Forum: Downloads - No Replies

[Image: c6affb961f7706d3478c3ca4df598db4.jpg]

Tanner Fox - Amazon Seller Mastery
WEBRip | English | TS | 1280 x 720 | AVC ~988 Kbps | 30 fps
AAC | 103 Kbps | 44.1 KHz | 2 channels | 02:31:34 | 594 MB
Genre: Video Tutorial / Business, Net: E-Commerce
An In-depth, Step-By-Step Course On How To Make 6 Figures Or More Selling On Amazon (Private Labeling) In this Amazon course you will learn everything you need to know and more on how to start and profitably run & grow your own Amazon Business!

LIFE TIME UPDATES: I will be continuously adding videos and tools to this course as time goes on! If Amazon makes any changes that impact us as sellers you can expect a video the next day on how to react and account for it!

I will go over:

-Product Research
-Product Criteria
-The tools I use to find products that make over $10,000 profit a month, each
-How to find, contact, and work with international suppliers
-Exactly what to ask for and negotiate with suppliers
-Creating an Amazon Listing that sells
-How to get reviews on your Amazon listing
-How to rank your product #1 on the first page for multiple keywords
-How to setup & manage your amazon seller account
-How to run Amazon advertising to make even more from your product
-How to use email marketing to increase reviews for your product
-How to use FB advertising to profit even more off products


Class Curriculum

Introduction/Overview (1:53)
Creating An LLC & Product Liability Insurance (2:32)

Module 1: Product Research

Product Research Criteria (6:21)
Product Research Using Jungle Scout (18:12)
Product Research Others Don't Do (6:31)
Product Example & Restricted Categories Pt.1 (7:28)
Product Example & Restricted Categories Pt.2 (8:11)
Amazon Fees & Product Costs (10:43)

Module 2: Suppliers & Shipping

Finding & Contacting a Supplier (8:07)
International Shipping (5:47)

Module 3: Creating Your Product Listing & Account Set Up

Setting Up Your Amazon Seller Account (5:06)
Creating Your First Product Listing (12:25)
Reviews and How To Get Them (5:16)

Module 4: Navigating Seller Central & Putting It All Together

Creating A Shipping Plan (6:53)
Navigating Seller Central (8:11)
How To Deal With Hijackers (4:39)
Putting It All Together (8:28)

Module 5: Marketing & Advertising

Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising & Promotions (9:18)
Email Marketing For More Reviews (4:10)
Facebook Advertising For More Sales (11:22)

[Image: d45dd53fffea671880dcfbf9faafdfc4.jpg]

[Image: 08d6ede89e3a86276e6741f7946c0890.jpg]

[Image: cecf9c461b5bb05c7a76a21d42403e4f.jpg]

[Image: 3fc5b91bd594b45c6428afdf5b4f68c5.jpg]

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  Make 4.97 Over & Over - Free Download
Posted by: grazed - 07-17-2017, 08:00 PM - Forum: Downloads - Replies (1)

You are going to learn 5 one of a kind and unfamiliar strategies to gain $4.97 over and again. They require no understanding, have no expectation to absorb information, and you won't be beginning your own business.

By executing the basic systems inside this item, you can hope to profit the basic way.

Sales Page:


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  Local Client Shark - Free Download
Posted by: grazed - 07-17-2017, 07:52 PM - Forum: Downloads - No Replies

In the wake of watching Local Client Shark you'll know precisely how to hand your prospect over to a paying customer effortlessly.

You will learn:

Finding your ideal prospect

Characterizing your objective market

What's the financial plan

Making a prospect profile

Mind Control

The 5 stage pitch

Furthermore, a great deal more

Sales Page:


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  Perfect Publishing System For Kindle - Free Download
Posted by: grazed - 07-17-2017, 07:48 PM - Forum: Downloads - No Replies

The 4 most critical strides you have to know to at last developing your writer business while building a genuine fan base and offering more books than any time in recent memory.

Will demonstrate you…

The most effective method to at long last get footing in your creator advertising endeavors to see genuine and enduring outcomes.

Step by step instructions to really grow a fan base of steadfast perusers who purchase your books, tell their companions and ask for additional.

Step by step instructions to get the most capable device 99% of creators disregard.

Well ordered preparing on the best way to dispatch promotions on any spending that deliver madly intense outcomes.

Also, considerably more

Sales Page:


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  $100 a Day - Free Download
Posted by: grazed - 07-17-2017, 07:35 PM - Forum: Downloads - No Replies

All that you have to begin making $100 in the following 24 hours.

Well ordered pdf direct demonstrating to you the correct framework I take after to acquire $3k/month.

Cheat sheets, free-movement recordings.

An amazing framework to detonate your transformations.

This is the most effective technique to begin profiting on the web as fast as would be prudent.

Sales Page:


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